J's Restaurant
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PERFECT Food Bites!

“Finger food, is that food you eat with your fingers, or is that where you eat your fingers?”
― Jarod Kintz

-Side Dish

Cheese Fries

Toppings of

Minced bacon & Spicy melts cheese

Cost of $8.99


Toppings of

Boiled cheese & Spicy melted cheese

Add-on bacons

Cost of $8.99

Potato Wedges

Hot hot overcooked

Crunchy skin-on potato wedges that are crispy
golden on the outside and tender on the inside

Cost of $8.99

Caramelised Tarts

Sour Cream fillings

and Fresh Red-Onions

Cost of $4.99

Veggie Platter

8 types of veggies 6 each

and 4 types of fruits 4 each

For 2-4 people

Cost of $18.99

Meat Platter

6 types of meat 4 each

and bacons

For 2-4 people

Cost of $14.99

Black Forest Mushroom Soup

Hot Sizzling

Filled with creamy mushroom

Cost of $4.99

Cream Mushroom Soup

Boiled 100%

Filled with special melted cheese toppings

and creamy mushroom

Cost of $4.99

Pumpkin Soup

Boiled 100%

Filled with pumpkin

and minced bacon

Cost of $4.99